Woyzeck (2006)

Theatre Music Composition/Performance: Dir. Gisli Örn Gardarsson

Woyzeck (2006)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis composed original music for Woyzeck directed by Gísi Örn Gardarsson. Water abounds in Vesturport Theatre's gleefully physical staging of Georg Buchner's tragic and fragmented play about a young man struggling to make the best from what life has dealt him. A hostage to fortune, class and his sadistic superiors, Woyzeck's fate is played out in a series of nightmarish encounters. He stumbles through a world of macabre carnival, sexual betrayal and cruel oppression, pursued by the demons of his own paranoid fantasies. Pushed beyond breaking point, Woyzeck's last love-crazed act destroys the only thing he truly cares for. With stirring and entirely characteristic music by the afore-mentioned Mr Cave and Bad Seeds' violinist Warren Ellis.

Directed by Gísi Örn Gardarsson.
Designer: Borkur Jonsson
Lighting: Larus Bjornsson
Sound: Olafur Orn Thoroddsen
Music: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis
Lyrics: Nick Cave
Choral arrangements: Petur Thor Benediktsson
Movement: John-Paul Zaccarini
Costume: Filippia Elisdottir
Voice/Text coach: Ellen Newman
Assistant director: Jon Atli Jonasson

Premierd in Reykjavik City Theare 2005
Barbican Theatre, UK 2005 and 2006
Salamanca, Spain 2007

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