Praise (1998)

Soundtrack Contribution/Collaboration: Warren Ellis (with Dirty Three)

Praise (1998)

Warren Ellis with his group Dirty Three contributed to the soundtrack for Praise (1998) an Australian film directed by John Curran. In the film, Gordon is a listless, chain-smoking asthmatic with a rather insipid libido. Cynthia is a slightly pudgy nymphomaniac with a bad case of eczema. After quitting his job at a Brisbane liquor store, Gordon makes a decision that will mark his life forever: becoming involved in Cynthia's manic parlor games of chemical and sexual excess. As the pair combust in warmth and madness, Gordon willingly enters Cynthia's web of indulgence, progressively losing himself in a woman who's ironically lost to herself.


1. I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me - Dirty Three
2. Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Tex Williams & the Western Caravan
3. Lights Are Yellow and the Nights Are Slow - Dirty Three
4. River Looks Lonely Tonight
5. You're So Beautiful to Know
6. Somewhere Else, Some Place Good - Dirty Three
7. Flamenco Festival
8. Toaster - Dirty Three
9. Once Across a Story Bridge
10. What Did I Do
11. Summers Lost Heart - Dirty Three
12. Mano O Mano - Dirty Three, Carlos Gardel
13. Devil in the Hole - Dirty Three
14. Junk Crammed Up Behind My Eyes
15. Xmas Song - Dirty Three
16. King of the Cowboys
17. Strange Holiday - Dirty Three
18. Mia Fora Thimame - Virgilio Arieta


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